Migrate your Target Ticket account to CinemaNow

Welcome Target Ticket Guests!

Why am I here? Target decided to end the services offered on Target Ticket and has partnered with CinemaNow. You'll be able to access your movies and TV shows on CinemaNow for FREE!

Learn more about the CinemaNow service.

By filling out the forms here, you'll be able to:

  • Transfer titles available on CinemaNow from your Target Ticket library to your CinemaNow library
  • Transfer to a new or existing CinemaNow account
  • Get store credit for any titles you may have on Target Ticket that are not available on CinemaNow

A few important notes about the transfer process:

  • Your credit card information will not be transferred to CinemaNow
  • Pre-orders for unreleased titles will not be transferred to CinemaNow. You won't be charged for these purchases.
  • Season passes for TV seasons that are underway, however, will be included in the transfer.

For more information and FAQs about Target Ticket's discontinuation, click here.

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